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Farm to crisp

No Farms, No Food!

We are facing a global food crisis.  A third of what farmers produce globally ends up wasted on the farm and along the supply chain.  Our food is transported across continents and oceans consuming precious resources and generating pollution along the way.  Our top soil and fresh water is disappearing at an alarming rate (36 billion tons of soil/year).  


Our current food production and distribution systems are taking a huge environmental toll.  Grocery store shelves are filled with over processed food filled with preservatives that are lacking in real nutrition. 


So, how do we shift from food waste to food preservation, and in the process, preserve our earth's precious resources?  How can we eat more locally grown food? How do we encourage more Farmers to grow organic produce and preserve our quickly disappearing top soil and fresh water? 

At Okanagan Rawsome, we are doing our part to support regenerative agriculture and a sustainable food system! 


Here is how:


The life of our Crisps starts in mineral-rich organic soil.   We are investing in rural life and making food that feeds our community and beyond and regenerating the soil at the same time.  We glean, grow and source all our produce from our farm and surrounding organic farms.  No veggies left behind! 

Over the years, we’ve developed our recipes to favor what crops we can access locally…kale, spinach, parsley, beets, carrots, onions, and apples.  Over half of the ingredients in our Crisps is made up of local organic produce!   

Supporting environmentally conscious, sustainable businesses like Okanagan Rawsome helps build a healthier future for all of us.


Happy Harvest Time

Come Harvest time, our veggies are gathered by hand and triple-washed.  The bounty we harvest is processed, portioned and then frozen. 

The nature of our process is labor intensive…and we do this on purpose!  Last year we hand peeled 5000 pounds of carrots and beets.  We found no machine that could do it better or faster without wasting a lot of water.  We would rather invest in our local labor force and employ members of our community than mechanize our production process.    


​All the seeds used in our Crisps are sprouted.  Sprouting unlocks a seed's living life force!  This process multiplies available proteins, enzymes and minerals, making good food easier to digest and allowing the nutrients to be more easily absorbed by the body.  

Hand Spreading

The veggies and/or apples are added to a mix of sprouted seeds, flax, and spices and hand spread in a mold before heading into the dehydrator.... 

Juicing carrots for our Crisps...we use the pulp & juice

Hand spreading a batch of Harvest Crisps

Farmers Illustration

Preserving Food Naturally

We preserve our Crisps using the ancient practice of dehydrating…low and slow for 15 hours - no need for unnatural chemical preservatives. We simply remove the water content, thereby increasing its nutrient density bite by bite. 

The cooking process can destroy many nutrients and enzymes in foods.  Eating food in its natural state is easier to digest and can boost your energy. 

Our Crisps are unique on the grocery shelves.  We extend the shelf life of fresh, whole local organic produce from 2 weeks to half a year!  We are a healthy alternative to over-processed, over-shipped and nutritionally deficient crackers, snacks, and bread.  


Our retailer partners can offer their customers not only locally made, but local ingredients with an extended shelf-life when they choose to put our Crisps on their shelves.  It’s a win for our local farms, retailers, and health-conscious consumers! 

Food is Medicine

There is a shift in the way we think about food and how it shapes our well being and that of our communities.  Investing in local, natural food can reinvigorate our health, restore vibrant, sustainable communities, and reduce pollution.  In other words, we believe food can be powerful medicine.

We like to teach people the value of food.  We teach workshops on the ancient practice of fermenting, sprouting and dehydrating to get people as excited about a plant-based diet as we are! 


We understand that not everyone has time to ferment, freeze, dehydrate or sprout…this is where our Crisps comes in.  When life gets busy, buying a box of our Crisps will not only give you some rawsome plant power, but you’ll be investing in our sustainable food system! 

We are so grateful for our loyal customers, retailers, and farmers!  Thanks you for your continued support!

With Gratitude,

Anna & Afke

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