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We have this poster in our Okanagan Rawsome kitchen that tells us that from every $100 spent in your community $46 will go back into your community! Every $100 you spend elsewhere, a mere $18 will go back into your town.

Local business give and give to all those events and clubs and sports activities that make our towns so great. When I unravel community living I see caring and loving with a generosity that blows my mind. Cooperation and spending our grocery dollars close to home is the new go to, or should I say, walk to. The incomes of farmers who are truly the only ones that feed us have dropped to a point where the next generation says 'no thanks' to mom and dad. Is this a problem that is going to bite our grandchildren? You decide.

The following graph is a 2018 report from John Stein’s book “Grocery Story” eye

opening book on how the grocery industry works!

How much your money goes to the Retailer vs. your Farmer:

Bacon 1 lb (Farmer: $0.74 / Retailer: $4.00)

Top Sirloin 1 lb (Farmer: $2.01 / Retailer: $8.99)

Bread 2 lb (Farmer: $0.12 / Retailer: $3.49)

Carrots 5 lb (Farmer: $1.55 / Retailer: $4.49)

Cereal 18 oz (Farmer: $0.05 / Retailer: $5.09)

Tomatoes 1lb (Farmer: $0.34 / Retailer: $3.99)

Potatoes 5 lb (Farmer: $0.56 / Retailer: $4.49)

Let your money show where your heart is. Support local thrift stores for gifts, do “home made.” Don’t buy plastic anything. (I have been told by my daughters!)

Buy veggies and quality baking, sprouting, drying and crafts at farmer markets and local stores. Above all, if you have global warming on your radar; Eat more plants and less meat.

Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and locally inspired Christmas!

Anna & Afke


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