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Hibiscus and Smokey Summer Skies:

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

A refreshing tea to quench your thirst.

Tangy and tart with a hint of sweetness, hibiscus tea is the perfect choice for hot summer days. Hibiscus is part of the mallow family that are known for coating mucus membranes that can easily be parched in the heat. The demulcent properties and high level of antioxidants, make this blossom beneficial to heal oxidative stress brought on by smoke inhalation.

A nice pot of mint and dried hibiscus flowers is brewing on the kitchen counter while I am writing this. I bought dried hibiscus at the Enderby farmers market, but I also spotted these blossoms at the Shuswap Health Food store recently. I add a touch of

honey from hard working local bees as a finishing touch! Leftover tea can be refrigerated and frozen in popsicle shapes.

Thank you to all the amazing hardworking firefighters that are keeping our beautiful valley safe during these scary smokey days!


#smokanagan #hibiscus #mint @shuswaphealthfoods #farmersmarket

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