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Stocking your natural tool kit with potions, lotions, infusions and teas is easier than you think!

Garlic infused oils and raw chopped onion juice distilled in sugar are a first defense for sore throats. Mullein tea can be a wonderful expectorant and may help our bronchial tubes. Mullein grows wild around here and both flowers and leaves can be dried. I traded our Okanagan Rawsome Crisps for Mullein tea from Enderby’s tea lady at the Garlic festival.

Local farmers are offering organic produce bulk sales at the local markets. Onions, garlic, and elderberries made the top 12 antiviral supplement list in the September edition of Alive Magazine. These are abundant local food that support your natural immune system.

When possible, practice prevention in your daily habits by eating quality food. Buy more for less when the local harvest is in full swing. If you are looking to stock up on bulk nuts, seeds, dried fruit, flour, beans, rice, etc., check out: ‘Your Local Pantry’ (, Okanagan Rawsome’s sister company, to stock up on bulk items and save up to 30%.

I’ll be highlighting more anti-viral plant stars next week!



We have long English cukes coming out of our ears at the moment! You can also chop and freeze cucumbers and enjoy this refreshing smoothie all winter.

1 whole cucumber, sliced

Juice of 1 lime or small lemon

½ tsp ginger powder

1/8th tsp salt

½ avocado (opt.)

A handful of chickweed (opt.)

A pinch of cayenne

½ cup of ice-cold water.

Blend until smooth.

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