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Lemon Balm: Much more than a bedtime cup of tea!

We had just depleted last year’s dehydrated supply of lemon balm leaves when a fresh batch grew tall enough to harvest. Lemon balm can be somewhat invasive, so I transplanted a clump of roots in a contained area and I hope for double the crop this year!

Lemon balm is quite delicious in salads and green smoothies. Add lemon balm to flavour dishes such as curries!

A few of the biggest benefits that I extracted from are the following:

1. Protects your heart and liver by lowering high triglycerides and improving cholesterol synthesis in the liver. Our livers could always benefit from some extra pampering!

2. Reduces blood sugar levels. Lemon Balm Essential oil is recommended for diabetes.

3. May ease anxiety and improve mood, concentration and sleep (think bedtime for children)!

4. Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

5. Naturally soothes pain (including pms, headaches and toothaches).

How to make your own Lemon Balm Tea:

1. Steep 6 to 8 crushed leaves in boiling water for 15 minutes to get the full benefits. A thermal teapot works great!

Lemon balm is EASY to grow in a pot on the patio or in your garden. You can keep harvesting during the summer months and dry the excess for a cup of home- brewed tranquility all winter long.

Savour the Abundance, Share the Harvest, Give Thanks!


Note: for more information check out www.draxe/nutrition/lemon-balm/

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