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How long are our Crisps dehydrated for?

Our Crisps are dehydrated low and slow for 15 hours. Thanks to the ancient practice of dehydration, we don't need any preservatives in our Crisps. Yahoo!

Can you freeze our Crisps?

Yes! To extend freshness, you can freeze our Crisps.

Why aren't we certified organic?

As per federal organic certification requirements, we can only source our produce from

federally certified farms when selling beyond BC borders. Unfortunately, there are not enough local farms with federal certification (just provincial).

We chose to drop our certification so we could source produce from locally certified organic farms including our own farm. Supporting local farms is our priority!

Our Crisps contain 100% organic produce and 95%-99% organic ingredients. Please see our ingredient lists on our Crisp boxes for a complete list.

Let us know if you would like more information about any of our ingredients!

How should our Crisps be stored?

Once opened, store Crisps in a sealed container or bag to keep them fresh.

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