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The Healing Kitchen

A recent online course called ‘The Healing Kitchen’ has been an eye opener and a journey around the world on proven ancient remedies. Aztec healing tonics, Ayurvedic curries, and Traditional Chinese lotions and potions that are easily combined and cooked in the average Canadian kitchen.  Almost all the ingredients for the recipes are locally available.  

I have been cooking and brewing up a storm for the last 6 weeks and activated lions mane mushroom powder and ashwagandha root were a few ingredients  that were resourced at the Shuswap Health Food store in Salmon Arm.  Healthier substitutions for 60 different meals, beverages and snack recipes were demonstrated by the expert teachers.  

The saying “let food be your medicine” was put into practice by team of chefs, naturopaths, herbalists, and farmers. This course made a serious and very do-able case for making your kitchen a place where food and medicines overlap!


1 tbsp thyme

1 lemon, juiced

¼ cup honey

12 oz boiling water.

Steep dried thyme in hot water for 15 min.

Pour the tea through a fine sieve and add lemon juice.

Stir and add honey to taste. 

Adults 2 tbsp per day; Children 2 tsp per day.

Want to learn more about this life changing series?  We will be presenting all 7 sessions starting Feb. 15th. 

About the series:


Hosted by Afke Zonderland , Whole Foods Coach

1. Happy Gut - Feb. 17

2. Cooking for Immunity - Feb. 24

3. Cognitive Cuisine - March 2

4. Heart Smart Menus - March 9

5. Zest and Zen - March 16

6. Crafting Anti-Cancer Meals - March 23

7. Spice of Life: Healing Hormones - March 30

Every session includes 2-3 recipes, tastings, and a free recipe book.

First Community Church, Salmon Arm

Time: 1 - 3 pm

Cost: $25/session

BUY TICKETS TODAY! (select all or just a few pick!)

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