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Ditch the BREAD...Eat LOW-CARB CRISP INSTEAD!  Top our Garden Crisps with your favourite vegan cheeze and sliced cucumber to create a perfect pairing.


What makes our Crisps so special?


  • LOCAL Organic Apples
  • Raw. Vegan. Gluten-Free
  • 96% ORGANIC Ingredients
  • 100% Non-GMO
  • Soaked & Sprouted Seeds
  • No Refined Sugars & Low-Glycemic
  • Dehydrated (Naturally Preserved)
  • Keto-Friendly (2 net carbs per/Crisp)

Garden Crisps, Super-Greens ROUNDS (5 rounds/pkg)

SKU: 1
  • *BC apples, *spinach, *kale, *parsley, *ground flax seeds, *coconut, *dates, *lemon juice, *sprouted pumpkin seeds, *sprouted sesame seeds, ginger powder, *sea salt  *denotes organic ingredients. 

    Allergies: May contain sesame seeds, almonds, shell, pit or stem fragments.

  • *May be frozen to extend freshness. Once opened, keep in a dry, sealed container.

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